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Uncover the ways and secrets of earning money
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Impactful Storytelling and Games | Real-Life Scenarios | Qualified Teachers

  • Learn practical money management skills your child will use every day and make responsible decisions that will impact their future.
  • Interactive activities, real-life simulations and engaging story telling will make the financial concepts come alive for your child.
  • Your child will make new friends, create lasting memories, and develop a positive relationship with money while building their financial skills.
  • Empower your child with the knowledge and skills to achieve financial independence. Start their journey here.

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Hear What Our Customers Say on Google Reviews:

Caroline Lim


It's an informative workshop to introduce the concept of money to the younger ones, to help them understand the importance of money, managing the money since young & also treasure the value of money. My daughter enjoys attending the session together with her friends

Rachel Huang


Inspire children about the concept of money and how to obtain it. After returning home, I asked them what they learned? I found that they have really made a lot of progress~ I asked them to budget for the upcoming birthday party and think in a meaningful way. It’s really great! The child is now 8 years old

Enniss Eu


Is important for kids to gain early stage financial management skill. my son loves this program, teacher explained very well and will definitely go for next programs.

Ng Yong Hwa


A feel-good financial lesson for kids. The child said he still wanted to go because it was fun. The organizers also specially set up a parent counseling session. Financial management is a habit, and habits take time to develop. Looking forward to the next study.

Saw Shin Yin


This 2 hours workshop is above my expectation. A few important concepts were instilled into my daughter'\s mind through simple yet creative games. Thumb up to the program and the enthusiastic trainer team